Here, let me put my head on the chopping block: I think graphics are incredibly important in videogames.

Before the axe falls, however, let me explain my reasoning.
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by way of RPS, whom got it by way of this guy’s Twitter, whom may or may not have found it from somewhere else entirely elsewhere.  I don’t know!  Here is what I do know: that the chair can beat the pyro!  Awesome video fun time below.

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by d4niel

Trine tells its story – that of an undead uprising, a time of generic, difficult struggles in a typical, fairytale/unimaginative kingdom, and one of companionship from unlikely but-always-come-together-character-types-in-RPG-games. As I played through the game last night, the story seemed to become more and more irrelevant as I progressed through samey-feeling dungeon-y type places. Although the game gave me a series of wonderfully painted-looking story panels (think: the first Fable), there didn’t really seem to be much innovation or cleverness here. The characters themselves weren’t quite RPG tropes. Well, at least the wizard wasn’t – he’s a womanizing playboy, and the game finds him knocked out after ingesting a potion he thought would allow him to cast a fireball.

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