So here’s the idea: I’m going to purchase a 40oz bottle of beer, and drink it while playing a computer game that I haven’t played before – and then, the following day, I’ll write about it based on notes taken in a progressively inebriated state.

The goal here is to give people an idea of what a game might be like when you’ve only got one or two evenings each week to play a game – and let’s face it, if you’re going to be playing computer games on that one night, you’ll probably also be drinking a beer.  Maybe even a 40 ounces worth of the stuff. As most decent games deserve more than a single evening and intoxicant, I’ll be returning to some of them.

A little bit about myself: I am an undergraduate university student residing in Flint, Michigan.  I’m real into computer games, but I also write fiction, poetry, and overly academic essays.

email: [email protected]  If you are a robot, please disregard that – I would be most appreciative.


  1. L-Lysine Dosage : on 10.31.2010

    i like computer games that are first person shooting and strategy games .

  2. Sheet Metal Brake%0A on 11.24.2010

    sometimes you got to taper down on playing too much compter games coz it is quite addictive .“

  3. Digital Caliper %0B on 01.25.2011

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